💥Next Fussy eating workshop 💥 

When: Sunday 4th November 9:30-12:00
Where: Leigh Community Centre, 71-71 Elm Road, Leigh-on-Sea

Does your child refuse to eat all but a few foods?

Do they eat something one day and refuse it the next?

Have they started refusing even the foods that they used to like?

Are mealtimes a stressful time in your house? 

😫 Sometimes feeding small children can be filled with worry, frustration, guilt (the Mum guilt - it’s everywhere 😫) mealtime battles... I could go on.

So how would it feel to spend time with like minded families, learning that you are NOT ALONE, finding out what is normal and why they are behaving in this way. Most importantly, coming away feeling motivated with lots of ideas and a plan. A realistic, easy to implement plan of action to use and get your child back on track with their eating habits.

That would be amazing, right?! It’s actually all within your reach. Easy, happy mealtimes are perfectly possible when you know how.

I’ve had families making major breakthroughs from 3 short video blogs. So a couple of hours spent in a room all together discussing the way forward could very well be exactly what you need to free yourself from the stress, the battles and the guilt.

If you would like to find out more information or to book a space please send a message to lucy@teenyweanies.co.uk or call 07825703221